Clinical Training for NP/PA

Clinical Training for NP/PA Students Q & A

What is clinical training?

Clinical training refers to the hands-on experience you need to round out your health care education. Clinical rotation opportunities are provided in the area of Primary Care.

Your preceptor not only shares their invaluable knowledge with you, but also gives you the opportunity to get the clinical experience you need to thrive in your profession


What can I expect from the clinical training program?

We would want you to succeed and has high expectations and goals for you as you go through the program. The expectations and goals include:

Patient care

Patient care is the top priority of the program, and you learn the importance of compassionate, appropriate, and effective care for the best patient outcomes.

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Medical knowledge

Your preceptor teaches you about the established and always-evolving biomedical and clinical sciences, and how they apply in patient care.

Practice-based learning and improvement

The clinical training program allows you to investigate, evaluate, and improve your own patient care practices with hands-on experience

Interpersonal and communication skills

The experience you gain working with patients and other health care professionals helps you build on your interpersonal and communication skills, so you can effectively share knowledge and information.


During your rotations, you’re expected to be able to carry out your professional responsibilities, adhere to ethical principles, and be sensitive to diverse cultures and attitudes.

System-based practice

Students are expected to be aware of the health care system and resources available and know how to utilize them for effective patient care.

How do I apply for a clinical training opportunity?

We encourage students to apply as early as possible to ensure rotation and preceptor availability. Each site and preceptor has a unique schedule, and the we work hard to match you with a provider that makes the best fit for you and your needs.

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